MSYS personalised ‘Walk Shop’ curb-carbon poster

The FWD My Shop is Your Shop campaign encouraging consumers to ‘Think Global, Shop Local’ plans to give every small shop in the UK its own personalised carbon-saving window poster.

The poster also tells local shoppers how many miles they will walk in a year, reminding them that they are taking good exercise.

The poster, downloaded from the MSYS website (, will inform shoppers using the store of the carbon emissions they are not producing by ditching the car and walking to buy groceries locally.

The annual carbon-saving figure for an individual shop is calculated using averages produced by MSYS research carried out in National Independents’ Week (NIW) in June when 20,000 shoppers recorded the distance they walked to their local independent store.

The research revealed that an average of 445 transactions a day in small shops gave an average of 0.12kg of carbon not produced by the non-use of a car. When the retailer enters their number of transactions in the website they will get a poster containing the correct data for their shop.

MSYS chairman Alan Toft said: “This is a very powerful and positive selling message to consumers who are becoming increasingly eco-aware. It gives every independent retailer a hard-and-fast carbon-saving figure for their store.

“As successful as the large multiples are, they rely on car usage so this becomes a unique positive selling point for the local independent and another MSYS argument for local retailers to emphasise their community values as a footfall driver.”

The first phase of the MSYS Walk Shop campaign under the theme of ‘Think Global, Shop Local’ was sponsored by Unilever during NIW.

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