Its everyday price of pound;3.19 had been enhanced with a two for a fiver deal.

Price-marked packs work well in our sector but only if the price is right. On this occasion we are being made to look very silly. Can we really hope to succeed with a pound;1 a box price premium?

The wine business is becoming increasingly competitive in the multiples. California brands represent amazing value at the moment and we can expect to see the market share gap with Australia narrowing. The half-price Gallo activity at Sainsbury produced buying prices below our costs so I wasn’t really surprised to see a Spar retailer in my local JS the other day taking advantage of some of these deals.

Oh, and I would like to thank JS for sending me six pound;3 shopping vouchers to be cashed in against a minimum pound;30 shop over the next six weeks.

How many retailers (and smokers for that matter) were aware the minimum age for buying tobacco products increased from 16 to 18 years on October 1. ACS certainly thought the government’s publicity campaign was sadly lacking impact but with so many bootleggers actively engaged in the illegal sale of cigarettes, any attempt to reduce the number of young smokers will be sorely challenged.

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