My diary is already full for the week, and next week doesn’t look much better. I’m not building in sufficient planning time and will have to burn the midnight candle to catch up on paperwork.

There is movement at last on Easter confectionery lines but its too early to spot the winners and losers just yet. Mothering Sunday ought to see a lift in boxed and specialities but it has been less noticeable in recent years with so many other gift possibilities.

The wine buyer is jumping up and down after hearing about Tesco’s ‘Great on the nose – and on the wallet’ 25% off any wine offer. It’s is a huge draw and makes our current trade promotional deals look very sad. Sainsbury’s is now matching it selectively and even M S has joined the discount club with 20% off all wines – a decent bottle of its Chilean Chardonnay cost me just pound;3.19.

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