Met Office launches Hazard Forecast “to improve supply chain efficiencies”

The Met Office today announced the launch of Hazard Forecast, the latest addition to its portfolio of DemandMet products for businesses.

The UK’s weather forecaster said the new product was specifically designed for logistics and health and safety departments within wholesalers, retailers and suppliers. The Hazard Forecast helps “to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods, providing advanced and accurate weather forecast data that supports logistics operations.”

The Met Office says Hazard Forecast is supported by its in-house expert meteorologist advice.

“This ensures companies understand how the incoming weather will affect their business and can improve demand planning across their whole supply chain – an essential element for guaranteed delivery and quality service,” said a spokesperson. “This can consist of visually supported forecasts covering different time spans and is geared towards specific parameters chosen by the customer and focusing on road hazards.”

Forecasts can be tailored according to specific locations, such as depots or critical points on transport routes (including road junctions and bridges). This enables businesses to ensure safe conditions for drivers and choose both the right route and the right vehicle type for each delivery, for example, for the safe transportation of light cargo in high winds.

Barbara Napiorkowska, retail business manager at the Met Office commented: “Weather is recognised as one of the biggest external factors influencing retail and wholesale performance. Our new Hazard Forecast brings considerable benefits to a business by helping ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods.  Responding to the increasing complexities of today’s supply chains, Hazard Forecast provides retailers and suppliers with clarity and confidence in planning transportation and weather-based decisions.”

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