Mars drives bitesize with strong adverts

The trade press is an invaluable media for Mars. It is essential for driving sales, raising awareness of new brands and enforcing key messages. In the UK the bitesize sector is worth pound;464m and is still showing 12.7% year on year growth. Mars has the top five brands in the market (M Ms, Maltesers, Revels, Planets, and Minstrels). Maltesers account for 21% of the market alone.

In ten years Mars’ share of the bitesize sector has grown from 42% to 56.8%. Trade press has a part to play in this as it enables wholesalers and retailers to gain an insight into consumer trends, display principles and which products are essential must stock lines to drive sales.

Mars Planets was the biggest bitesize category launch of 2007 adding pound;17m to the entire category. Raising awareness of a new product through trade press adverts and editorial coverage is a critical success factor. Since the launch Mars Planets has had the highest repeat purchase rate of any singles product in four years.

The trade press is also a critical medium for giving advice to retailers on display principles and other methods to help them boost sales. With Mars’ display mechanism, CAPITAL, retailers can boost their confectionery sales by 12%

The principles of CAPITAL are simple, but effective:

1. Select the right range

2. Best sellers in best sites

3. Multi-face the best sellers

4. Group by product category

5. Allocate space according to sales

6. Site confectionery in high traffic flow

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