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The Nestlé Rowntree Manager of the Month for June is Sarbjit Singh, branch manager of Bestway Leicester. Sarbjit has been an employee of Bestway for the past 24 years, having worked his way up from checkout operator – his first role at Bestway Acton in 1981 – to his current role as branch manager at the Leicester depot, which he took on in 1999.

During this time he has built an excellent business relationship with the Nestlé Rowntree sales team, impressing them with his commitment to providing an outstanding service for the many customers who enter his depot each week.

Sarbjit has been recognised for the June Manager of the Month award for his commitment to working with Nestlé Rowntree to ensure excellent execution of new product launches and promotions. Execution is a key priority for both businesses in 2005, and has played a major role in the total Bestway group, increasing its sales of Nestlé Rowntree products by a 13% to date compared with 2004.

Sarbjit’s understanding of the important role outstanding display plays in guaranteeing retailers do not miss new launches or promotions in depot, has contributed to Bestway’s success by resulting in excellent sales performance for his Leicester depot. This is highlighted by a recent example of excellent execution.

With a double aisle end dedicated to Aero Bubbles, Nestlé Rowntree’s biggest new product launch of the year, sales have averaged a fantastic 140 outers per week, with two pallets being sold in the first week alone. Putting into context just how successful this is, it is more than double their typical weekly sales of KitKat 4 finger. This activity, along with consistent excellent execution of seasonal ranges, and ongoing prime, front-of-depot displays for new launches and promotions has seen him increase his total sales of Nestlé Rowntree products alone, by a whopping 28.3% already this year (January 1 to May 16) compared to 2004.

“I have been very impressed with the recent product launches from Nestlé Rowntree, and the first-class point of sale available to support it. This has led to us being able to create some top quality displays, especially Kit Kash and Aero Bubbles,” he said. “And, with an average 1,500 customers entering our 120,000sq ft depot each week, we most certainly recognise the huge potential this kind of display can have on sales.”

When not thinking about how he can develop the depot further, or spending hours talking to his customers, Sarbjit likes to relax by keeping fit and spending time with his wife and 12-year-old daughter.

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