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The Nestlé Rowntree Manager of the Month for September is awarded to Martin Simpson, manager of Taylor Vending and Wholesale, Montrose.

Set up 24 years ago by Simpson’s father-in-law D A Taylor, Taylor Vending and Wholesale started life in a garage supplying stock to Taylor’s own Spar shops. Since then the Spar shops have been sold and the delivered wholesale business has gone from strength to strength, now serving around 400 customers in the north east of Scotland.

Simpson joined the company in 1996, bringing with him a strong belief that excellent customer service should be at the centre of everything the company does. The time Simpson himself takes to understand exactly what his customers need, helping them to maximise their sales potential, sees this belief put into practice.
However, for this award, it is Simpson’s partnership approach to selling confectionery for which he has been recognised. An approach which has seen his confectionery sales increase by more than 20% year on year, driven by Nestlé confectionery increasing by a fantastic 83%.

This partnership approach has led Simpson to team up with Nestlé Rowntree’s local DVC sales team, in order to drive his customers’ confectionery sales. Simpson believes that this is the best way he can have a positive, long-term impact on their sales.

The DVC team regularly call on independent retailers to offer expert category advice, merchandising support and point of purchase materials. Simpson’s local representative Linda Fraser (pictured with Simpson) also carries confectionery purchased from Taylor Vending and Wholesale. This guarantees Simpson’s customers instant access to new products and promotions, plus the right merchandising advice, point of purchase materials and recommendations for turning wholesaler deals into the motivating consumer deals they need to make each activity a success in their own stores.

For his part, Simpson ensures his company has the stock readily available, and stores the merchandising equipment and point of purchase material Fraser will need. He has even gone so far as to reduce the price of specific products to increase the distribution of those he believes are right for his customers due to their high rate of sale.

Simpson’s recognition of the value this service provides, along with his pro-active approach, has resulted in significant success all round, increasing confectionery sales for his customers, his own business and Nestlé Rowntree.

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