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The Nestlé Rowntree Manager of the Month for April is awarded to Trevor Boyd, manager of Holmes Cash Carry in Newtownards.

Boyd started out as the manager of a local cash and carry 35 years ago. Two years later it was bought by Holmes Wholesale Services – the Northern Ireland-based cash and carry and delivered wholesale business – and Boyd has remained as manager ever since.

During his time in the industry he has become renowned for his focus on customer service. His first thoughts for any business activity are always “how will this benefit our customers?” It is this attitude that has ensured his cash and carry has stood out from the crowd, and achieved sales growth two years running in a difficult market.

This award, however, has specifically been given to Boyd in recognition for helping his customers capitalise on the biscuits market.

With 35% of the chocolate biscuit bar market and the market leading biscuit brand KitKat, Boyd recognised Nestlé Rowntree had the expertise to help small shops benefit from the sales opportunity offered by the biscuits category.

In January Nestlé Rowntree launched its biscuits range in lower count packs ideal for small shops. KitKat two finger, Blue Riband and Breakaway are now available in six packs, while Drifter is available in a five-pack. All packs have an RRP of 79p. The biscuits are also sold in lower count outers, reducing the initial cost outlay for retailers, thus making it easier for them to stock a range.

Recognising that more of his customers could be capitalising on biscuits sales using these packs, Boyd took full advantage. He ensured they were stocked and gave them increased space in a prime location. In addition he positioned a new Nestlé Rowntree biscuits stand in the catering aisle, thus ensuring customers could not miss them. The latter initiative has generated purely incremental sales from caterers who might not otherwise have gone down the biscuits aisle.

The success of this activity has resulted in a significant increase in biscuits sales for Holmes Cash Carry in Newtownards in a short space of time, and Boyd expects this to continue.

He is now working with his Nestlé Rowntree rep on a trade day aimed at encouraging additional business from their current retailer base, which will also feature a motivating offer on the 79p biscuits packs, thus increasing awareness among retailers even further.

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