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The Nestlé Rowntree Manager of the Month for July is awarded to Barry Routledge, general manager of Batleys in Newcastle.

Routledge has been general manager of the large Newcastle depot for the past seven years, and has worked for Batleys for 20 years in total.

An enthusiastic and dedicated manager, Routledge is recognised for this month’s Manager of the Month award for working in partnership with suppliers to develop highly effective displays in depot.

Routledge’s aim is to ensure no customer misses a key piece of activity, and therefore a good opportunity to generate incremental sales for their own business. Two recent examples which highlight excellence in display have been with two of Nestlé Rowntree’s big promotions: the KitKat Big Brother Golden Ticket promotion and the retro 1966 England football shirt promotion.

Routledge knows there are two fundamental factors for creating successful displays in depot: selecting the right location and making the display high impact yet still ‘approachable’ enough to shop.

With regards to location, Routledge has identified two prime areas in depot to create displays. First, near the trolleys – an area every customer heads to when they arrive. And, second, near the checkouts – an area every customer has to go to before they leave. By creating displays in these areas he can ensure no customer misses an important piece of activity.

In terms of the displays themselves, Routledge is looking for them to be high impact, yet not so elaborate that they actually deter retailers from picking up the product. To help achieve this Batleys employs an in-house artist who works alongside suppliers to create unique, eye-catching displays that are friendly to shop. For KitKat’s Big Brother promotion, this included getting the artist to create his own iconic Big Brother imagery in depot to attract customer attention, while for the 1966 England football shirt promotion a five-pallet display was highlighted with point of purchase materials, bunting and England flags to create fun and theatre.

Routledge also helps his customers by making sure the displays contain as much information about the activity as possible. This can range from details on advertising support to what cash margin can be made.

What’s more, displays of key activity have also been supported in depot by other actions designed to attract retailers, including tasting days for new products and employing his own staff or supplier representatives to talk to customers about activity.

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