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Makro targets big opportunities in catering Details of new initiatives in catering and fresh involving investment of £2m were revealed by Makro UK managing director Philipp Dautzenberg.

Additonal opportunities have been identified by Makro in catering, and particularly in the fresh sector, he said, because it was more profitable. “There is more margin, more loyalty, and you can create a really different type of customer, particularly if you are really good in the ultra-fresh sector, which is fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat.

“These are the segments that drive frequency. If you get a customer that buys frozen fish to buy fresh fish he comes in 50 times a year.”

An investment of £2m was planned to upgrade ultra-fresh facilities at Makro’s depots, with new cold storage and dedicated staff, he said. The range of fresh fruit and vegetables would also be extended from 60 to 250 lines. “And we are investing in shrinkage,” he said. “Shrinkage is part of selling fresh food.”

Makro’s wider catering offer is also being developed with reviews being carried out across all the categories within stores to ensure they provide an appropriate range for caterers’ needs.
Dautzenberg said catering was a diverse market covering many different types of ethnic food and drink. As part of a major multinational company, Makro had an advantage when sourcing products from overseas, he said.

For instance, its local operations in France could source French food, and in Italy wine was sourced through its Italian arm, providing both a greater knowledge of the products and keener prices through its group buying power.

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