Initial reports on PLOD trial are promising

Early reports from in-store trials in which spirits are located on open shelves near the till suggest that this FWD Blueprint For Spirits initiative will bring trading benefits.

Traditionally, spirits have been displayed in cabinets behind the counter thus inhibiting sales.

Under its new Blueprint PLOD policy (Putting Leaders On Display) 70cl bottles are fitted with security caps which the retailer removes for the customer.

Brands are allocated space on open shelves near the till where the retailer can keep an eye on them.

Blueprint chairman Alan Toft said: “If this trial is successful, wholesalers will be looking at big sales increases in spirits at independent retail level. It will be a revolution.”

Supporters of the Blueprint for Spirits are backing the initiative which was created by IMA, the Manchester-based agency which implements the Blueprint activity on behalf of FWD.

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