Ilfracombe Foodservice switches to packaging made from plants, not plastic

Wholesaler Ilfracombe Foodservice has chosen Vegware as its packaging supplier to provide a plastic-free solution for all disposable food packaging items.

The wholesaler has ditched plastic packaging and move to Vegware eco catering disposables to meet demands for sustainable solutions to foodservice packaging & to look after the environment.

“Sustainability is central to Ilfracombe due to the depot’s location by the coast,” said sales and marketing director Kelly Williams. “It is abundantly apparent that more needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint by taking steps to switch to eco packaging to cut the amount of plastic that is put into the oceans and coastlines; this is a conscious step in the right direction.

“Recent headlines have exposed how environmentally unfriendly lots of food packaging is, and we felt it was our obligation to choose packaging that’s free from plastic. We are incredibly proud to be working with a company like Vegware whose values are so closely aligned with our own”

Vegware uses a wide range of eco materials to manufacture everything from coffee cups and cutlery to takeaway boxes and sandwich wedges. Their coffee cups, are lined with PLA instead of plastic, a plant-based bioplastic. Takeaway boxes and tableware are made from bagasse, an eco-alternative to polystyrene that’s made from sugarcane fibres. All products are commercially compostable with food waste where facilities exist. They break down within a year.

Adam Fitzgerald, buyer at Ilfracombe, added: “Following this much needed and bold move we are confident our customers will support us with this most worthwhile initiative. Customers that are already using the sustainable products love how great their food looks in the Vegware packaging & are also proud to be part of a sustainable economy.”




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