Here’s to Baileys, 40 today and back on TV

Today (November 26) marks the 40th birthday of the UK and the world’s biggest-selling liqueur, Baileys. To mark the occasion, the brand’s owner Diageo this week launched a new TV advertising campaign, Here’s To Us, (pictured) which targets Baileys’ mostly female consumer base.

To mark the occasion, Diageo has supplied us with a list of some of the lesser known facts about the brand:

  • The creation of Baileys is usually credited to a single man – David Dand, who had the vision of blending cream and whisky together with the ambition of creating a drink that was both suitable for the export market and one which would reflect the heritage and agricultural traditions of Ireland. 
  • The first experiments to make Baileys were done in a domestic Kenwood mixer.
  • Steve Wilson led the first team that invented Baileys Original 40 years ago. Nearly 40 years later, his son, Anthony Wilson then went on to be the principal scientist that invented Baileys Chocolat Luxe which launched last year.
  • There are some 40,000 cows on 1500 farms dedicated to producing cream for Baileys. Cream arrives at factory 36 hours after leaving farm for optimum freshness – 36 hours from cow to bottle!
  • Baileys has a long shelf life – two years at least – but that wasn’t the case 40 years ago. When it first launched in 1974, it only lasted a few weeks.
  • Over 80% of the packaging and ingredients in Baileys are sourced in Ireland. The cocoa beans and vanilla extract that give Baileys its rich chocolaty taste are harvested in West Africa and processed in France.
  • Baileys is sold in 160 countries worldwide. It is the world’s favourite liqueur brand and ranks as the 10th premium spirit brand in the world [Impact Data Bank 2014].
  • An incredible 39 litre bottles of Baileys were sold every minute in November and December last year – that’s 55,632 litre bottles daily! [Nielsen ScanTrack data 9 weeks to 04.01.2014]

The new TV ad can be viewed here:

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