Giving retailers the bottle to survive the credit crunch

Believe it or not, there’s never been a better time to be a licensed retailer, according to Ross Shelley, director of the FWD Take Home Blueprint scheme. He says due to the effects of the recession, people are cutting down on going out to pubs, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainments, preferring instead to save money by drinking at home with friends and family.

Store owner, Sunder Singh confirms: “After the Christmas boom, I thought that sales on my alcohol lines would tail off to their traditional low in January. But, for the first time ever, they’ve continued at the same level in what is usually the quietest of months. My customers have been telling me that they’re staying in more than they used to, simply to save money, but they still want to relax with a drink, so I’ve been reaping the benefit. With no end to the recession in sight, I can see this trend continuing with sales rising in the summer months.”

Shelley says its therefore more important than ever for wholesalers’ customers to be in a position to take advantage of this situation with a well-stocked drinks section, which offers the consumer the products, they want at a glance.

Take Home Blueprint has been working closely with wholesalers and their retailers to make sure that they are prepared, in every way possible. The Blueprint team have been working in depots with independent retailers to advise them on the correct products to stock for their particular region, and remerchandise their alcohol section, according to proven Blueprint principles.

Detailed planograms are supplied direct to retailers as well as being made available in-depot, providing retailers with access to information so that they can maintain their alcohol fixtures to ensure maximum sales.

Shelley says Take Home Blueprint offers many other sales-boosting opportunities for independent retailers such as wine tasting kits, which in many instances have led to customers buying wine by the case, rather than the bottle, and the PLOD security system which enables retailers to put spirits on self-select with complete peace of mind.

He adds: “Take Home Blueprint is a tried and tested way to grow alcohol sales at wholesale and retail level, and the beauty of it is, it’s completely free.”

l Contact the Blueprint team for more information now on 0161 440 2770 or visit

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