FWD Conference: MP praises sector and urges FWD members to “get involved”

A leading MP used his spot at the FWD conference yesterday to urge wholesalers to become more engaged with politicians.

Brandon Lewis, MP for Great Yarmouth and a member of the all-party Parliamentary group on wholesale, told conference:

“Wholesaling is one of the UK’s most important industries, but it is also one of the least acknowledged. Wholesale is in some respects a hidden industry but it must not be so. Wholesale underpins nearly all other businesses – it’s the lifeblood of business and a lifeline for business. Without you, most businesses would find it impossible to serve their customers.

“This has not escaped the government and I urge all FWD members to build on the work their Federation does – get involved with your local MP, educate them, make sure they are aware of the big issues – fiscal marks, plain packaging and so on. Keep in touch, badger, lobby and cajole. Hearing directly from you is the most powerful message a minister can receive.

“It is the government’s job to remove barriers to growth. The economy is in a fragile state but wholesaling is one of the wheels that keeps the economy going, especially as people start to shop closer to home, so it is important that ministers learn from the industry why wholesaling matters, and what matters to wholesalers.”

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