We are not making much progress with multi-packs and I wonder if the brand owner would consider producing something really special and exclusive for our channel to help us expand distribution.

We have ordered several copies of the new FWD orchestrated ‘Hygiene Guide for Wholesale Distributors’ published by the Stationery Office and approved by the FSA. While use of the guide is optional, we will operate entirely within its framework so that officers from the food authorities must take our adoption of the guide into account when assessing our compliance to the regulations.

The power of the internet cannot be ignored. If on-line social networking sites can bring about the reintroduction of brands like the classic 1980s Cadbury’s Whispa then is it conceivable with the right kind of campaign other lost brands could find their way back onto the shelves. How about calling for the return of Vesta Ready Meals, Quosh fruit drinks, Turf cigarettes and the 2p Mars T-Bar, just for starters!

Putting a longer-lasting flavour into chewing gum is so obvious I wonder why Wrigley has to make such a big thing of it in its duel with Trident. By all accounts Wrigley is doing OK and Cadbury Trebor Bassett isn’t complaining either. It’s a pound;300m market and there’s room for both and plenty of opportunity to innovate. But whatever happened to the chewing gum we were promised that doesn’t stick to your bedpost?

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