The additional discounts offered prompt us to take a more positive approach towards new lines and adhere to a full sales promotion package, an acceptable arrangement all round.

Any Golden Wonder return to the crisp fray will need to take account of Walker’s huge pound;20m investment in their new crisps with lower saturated fats and less salt. A healthier crisp will hopefully result in a healthier crisp market.

But is managing director Neil Campbell’s letter, printed in a full-page advertisement in the quality press, wasted spend? At least commuters on the 07.23 to Cannon Street will know that Walker’s Crisps are changing.

We’ve got some great beer activity planned over the next couple of months to take full advantage of the excellent sporting programme that is coming up. We need to make up on lost ground as our new volume-based overrider agreements come into play.

Do we need yet another economy cigarette brand on the shelves?

Admittedly, Imperial Tobacco’s Windsor Blue is a cracking good price and a strong competitor for Gallaher’s Sterling. Consumers know the brand from the Co-op days, but seven pack variants puts huge pressure on gantry space. It’s time to draw a line, I think.

Many of us in the buying fraternity love to hold court in the company of supplier representatives. Now I am learning to listen. Silence is such a powerful tool. I put this into practice today and can honestly say I came away better informed than ever.

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