Filshill sleeps al fresco and raises £10,000 for Shelter

Glasgow-based delivered wholesale and cash and carry Features > Business, JW Filshill raised £10,000 for the homeless charity, Shelter Scotland when MD Simon Hannah and more than 30 staff, customers, colleagues, suppliers and friends slept overnight in the car park of the Hillington HQ.

“Sleeping rough is something most of us would never want to experience and none of us can possibly imagine the stress of having to find somewhere to sleep, and stay warm and dry, every single night,” said Hannah.

“The Big Sleep Out was a challenge but if the money raised can go some way to getting people off the streets, then our efforts have been worth it.

“I would like to thank my colleagues, local retailers and our customers who have supported us to raise £10,000. I really hope that this money will help Shelter Scotland to continue its great work,” he added.

The money will be distributed to various Shelter Scotland initiatives, including the Glasgow Families Project, which steps in to help out after a local authority has rehoused homeless families.

Colette Aitchison, Glasgow hubs manager for Shelter Scotland, said: “We thank JW Filshill staff for their generosity and hope that their efforts will get people thinking about the daily experiences of families and individuals facing homelessness and bad housing.”

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