Conference Review

Nestlé Rowntree’s wholesale trading director Andrew Marjoram highlighted three areas where improved execution could bring large rewards for manufacturers, wholesalers and independent retailers.

An opportunity worth £25m a year was being missed, he said, simply because only 89% of retailers were stocking the top 10 confectionery lines and taking that figure up to 100% would produce a £25m sales uplift.

Failure to distribute fully new product developments meant sales opportunities worth £30m were also being missed, he said.
And confectionery promotions in the cash and carry sector produced very poor returns for manufacturers, he added. He quoted research by HIM showing only 30% of retailers see promotions in cash and carries, only 60% of those who see them buy them, and only 25% pass on the promotion to the consumer.

This, he said, equated to a lost sales opportunity worth £150m in the confectionery category alone.

When other categories were added into the equation, he said, there was a potential £1bn of extra sales just by getting the basics right.

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