British Lion eggs should be top choice for foodservice wholesalers

The British Egg Industry Council is calling on wholesalers to use British Lion eggs marked with best-before-dates to guarantee quality, freshness and food safety.

All British Lion eggs are stamped with a best-before-date but this is not a legal requirement while many eggs sold by wholesalers, including those that are imported, often fail to display a date on the shell and are stocked on keyes trays, raising potential concerns about how operators can accurately identify the freshness of the eggs they are purchasing.

The Council says this not only poses a food safety risk, it can also prevent caterers offering customers the very freshest eggs, which research has shown to be a key consideration for caterers when purchasing eggs. Caterers are also at risk of mixing up eggs of different ages when storing them in the kitchen.

Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said: “The lack of best-before dates on egg shells within some wholesalers represents a significant due diligence risk for caterers as well as a potential food safety risk for consumers. Caterers need this information and it’s about time that wholesalers gave it to them.

“There is no difference in best before dates between British Lion eggs and other eggs so you have to wonder why some wholesalers don’t want the date printed on the egg shell. To avoid the risk and guarantee quality, fresh eggs that are produced to the highest food safety standards, caterers should specify British Lion eggs.”

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