Brexit will be ‘a positive kick up the bum’ for foodservice industry, celeb chef claims

Brexit will provide a much needed focus on modern-day apprenticeships and give homegrown talent a chance to thrive, according to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (pictured).

The superchef – now based mostly in the US – believes that the vote to leave the European Union will have a positive impact on the hospitality industry and will give the industry the incentive it needs to invest more in talent from the UK.

Speaking to the Radio Times yesterday (October 10), the  chef said that the industry ‘relies too heavily’  on immigration.

He added: “That level of influx of multinational workers in this country has sort of confirmed how lazy as a nation we are – when individuals from across the seas are prepared to come and work twice as hard for less money.

“If anything, it’s a big kick up the arse for the industry, and it’s going to get back to the modern-day apprenticeship. So not only do I welcome that kind of change, but I think it’s going to put a lot more emphasis on homegrown talent, which I think we need to do.”

Ramsay was speaking ahead of a documentary that will be airing on ITV next called Gordon on Cocaine. He said that cocaine use was rife in the restaurant industry and that he wanted to learn why it had become such an epidemic, as well as urging people to think again about using it.

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