Booker revamps Premier with new tools for retailers

Booker is re-launching its Premier symbol group across the UK, opening it up to smaller stores, emphasising the ownership of the independent retailer, and giving them more sales support.

The outside livery will remain the same, but inside while the colour scheme will be the same, it will highlight the name of the store rather than Premier.

It will also be introducing a new Premier Express fascia for stores of 500-800sq ft.

The ranging in-store takes into account the retailers trading location and 500 retail best sellers have been introduced into all Premiers, as Booker says 7% of Booker’s retail range accounts for 51% of sales. The retailer retains 75% choice on the range so they can choose what they need to suit their customers.

A new Premier Range Builder system will provide weekly updated data on new products and also branch specific data and the range stocked. It can identify the top 500 retail best sellers and regionally biased products.

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