Booker helps retailers keep up with trends

Helping independent retailers to exploit their unique selling point and keeping them in touch with new trends were two points highlighted in a presentation by Booker’s director for trading in drinks and tobacco, Steve Roper, and Steve Fox, director of retail and Premier development.

Roper said: “Offering a cold beer, soft drink or chilled wine is the key differentiation, it is the USP versus the multiples.” He highlighted new products such as Fosters Scuba and Kronenbourg Dynamo, saying: “These are exactly the type of products for the independent. They are aimed at improving delivery in the take home drinking experience, adding value throughout the chain and perform best at zero to eight degrees centigrade, which is ideal for chilled delivery in the convenience channel.”

Looking at potential new trends, Roper said he expected the downturn in consumer spending to translate into increased demand for fractionals, halves and quarters on spirits such as vodka. He also believed there was an opportunity for independents in pint cans. He said: “We expect to double sales on cans this year. The multiples don’t concentrate on selling pints.”

Fox said that with pubs closing there was an increased opportunity for take home and suppliers should plan accordingly. He highlighted price marking on Diageo spirits and a glass giveaway on pack by Scottish Newcastle as promotions which had worked well for Premier stores.

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