Blueprint the cure for stuttering sales

Since phoning the Take Home Blueprint hotline, Jamil Ahmed, owner of Archie’s News, Food and Wine Stores in Newcastle, has received a Blueprint makeover from the team and has seen an incredible uplift in his alcohol sales. In fact, week-on-week sales are increasing by as much as 30% on wine and up to 60% on spirits.

Jamil is no newcomer to independent retailing, owning an additional four convenience stores as well as Archie’s, and across his family they own a total of 67 shops, so his experience in this sector is immense. However, even he is surprised at the dramatic impact implementing the Blueprint across his off licence has had on sales.

Jamil explains: “It’s like a doctor telling you what is up with you, then making you 100% better, only this time the doctor is the Blueprint team coming into your shop and curing your sales. “The team are extremely professional and I was amazed by their knowledge of the sector and the way they can transform your fixtures overnight. They just get on with it, and I was very comfortable with every change they implemented. I was right to trust them as sales have picked up instantaneously.”

Shekilla and Annesa Thomson, Take Home Blueprint regional specialists for the North East, re-merchandised the entire off licence category, including wines, spirits, ales, lagers and ciders, and ARTDs. They offered Jamil advice on how to merchandise his fixtures and what range to stock, advising him on must-stock brands that he was missing, as well as recommending cutting down on certain lines that they felt were over-represented on the shelves.

The difference the team made to his sales was felt almost overnight. While keeping the spirits section behind the counter, the team moved the bottles up to eye-level and this immediately boosted sales of the category.

From selling very few bottles of brandy, Jamil is now shifting up to three cases a week. Spirit sales have improved by 60% week-on-week with beer up 40% and sales in wine up 30%.

Jamil says: “It’s transformed my store, not just in terms of sales figures, but the presentation is neat and tidy and customer friendly. My stock levels are now near perfect as a result of the Blueprint advice making it easier to monitor stock, and the range is now perfectly suited for the local estate where my shop is situated.

“I can’t praise this scheme enough – the impact it has provided has given my shop a new lease of life.”

l To contact the Take Home Blueprint team ring 0161 440 2770 or email

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