Blueprint looking at ready to serve chilled

Ross Shelley, scheme director of Take Home Blueprint, emphasised that it helped retailers serve their customers better with the right products at the right time.

“When you consider in ales, lager and cider we are delivering as a mean average over 16% increases in sales, in wines 20%, in spirits the PLOD (putting leaders on display) initiative is delivering over 29% then Blueprint is a no risk no brainer.”

Shelley also said: “We are in the process of developing a ready to serve chilled planogram. The convenience sector is all about distress and drink now purchases, and open dairy deck chilling is the one method to cater for these needs. Since in the chillers the white wine, ros eacute;, lager, cider and ARTD categories all sit together, an industry planogram will be drawn up to advise on space, range and display in this very valuable area.”

He also revealed that an ad campaign in cash and carry toilets had proved successful. “To date it has provoked over 100 calls directly attributable to the messages we left them. It works in service stations, and we now know it works in wholesale depots.”

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