Blueprint gets a result at West Bromwich

Wholesalers spend a lot of time encouraging their retailers to be better disciplined, however do they practice what they preach?

In the case of Batley’s Cash amp; Carry in West Bromwich, they certainly do, which is why they recently approached Pernod Ricard and the Take Home Blueprint team to give their wine section a complete re-vamp.

Take Home Blueprint scheme director Ross Shelley explained: “Batley’s has been very pro-active in terms of improving its offering across the alcohol section to benefit its retailers, working closely with Pernod Ricard and the Blueprint team to bring this advice to its customers.

“However, the West Bromwich Cash amp; Carry team realised that while they had a fantastic wine section, it was missing some of the discipline and organisation that they encourage their retailers to have in-store. There was a clear opportunity for Batley’s to utilise the same Blueprint advice in-depot and to improve the layout to make the shopping experience easier for its customers.”

Led by Pernod’s James Gray and Ross Shelley, the team got to work on the makeover which included installing new fixtures, remerchandising the stock and installing signposts and banners to help the customers browse more effectively.

The previous layout of the section was haphazard with single bottles and cases of the same brand split across the section in different locations making it difficult for a customer to find exactly what they were looking for. Taking the Blueprint principles and arranging the stock by country of origin, the fixtures were re-merchandised so cases and bottles were all in the same bay.

Clear POS was also installed to signpost customers to the area they are looking for more easily.

The Batley’s team also requested a display to promote the Blueprint to its customers and therefore the in-depot Blueprint leaflet dispenser was placed in-depot for retailers to access the disciplined advice available through the initiative.

Ross added: “It makes perfect sense that the same discipline and merchandising advice that we impart to retailers on a daily basis should be replicated at depot-level to allow their shopping experience to be easier and more effective.

“The collaboration between our supporting suppliers, Batley’s and the Blueprint will benefit all involved with better visibility for all brands and easier shopping for the retailer. Batley’s and their customers have been extremely impressed with the end results and the impact that this new and improved section now has.”

Following on from this success, it is expected that the Blueprint and Pernod Ricard teams will be working on similar projects in the future.

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