Blueprint boost for Rick: up 20%

The Take Home Blueprint will help retailers revive stagnant sales, but it can also help good retailers improve their offering and develop opportunities to enhance an already thriving business.

Ricky Wines in Romiley, near Stockport in Cheshire, is a prime example. Owner Rick Fildes has built up a successful business with a good, steady turnover.

However, a sales representative from supplier Diageo realised that there were still areas that Rick could improve on, particularly his merchandising and ranging, and that the Take Home Blueprint could help turn Ricky Wines from a good store to a great off licence.

The result is that overall sales are up by 20% and wine sales have doubled.

Rick explained: “I was happy with the store but knew that there was room to improve. However, I wasn’t prepared for the transformation that the Blueprint team have made. First of all I am completely amazed that this service is free of charge, considering all the hard work that the team put in. They had just one morning to complete the whole store until I opened in the afternoon, and this was no problem for them at all. “Their knowledge and understanding of the industry was very reassuring and at no time at all was I worried about the changes they were making. I totally put my trust in them and gave them free rein of the shop.”

The Blueprint team of operations manager Paul Adshead, along with regional merchandiser Joe Mitchell, remerchandised all categories throughout the store.

While the range of wine Rick had on offer was good and displayed neatly, his fixtures lacked any order, so these were relayed according to the Blueprint guidelines.

Rick has a large and varied range of beers, lagers, ciders and premium bottled ales which were getting lost on the shelves. Through the block merchandising of the fixture, the category was made a lot easier to shop without losing the impact of the wide variety he has to offer. The Blueprint moved the beers to a dedicated area at the front of the shop, and not only has this opened the shop up, but clearly differentiates the separate ranges and encourages shoppers to browse the fixtures.

On the Blueprint recommendations, Rick has also put added investment into extending his chillers for a core selection of white and rose wines and beers. This has made an immediate difference with customers making a bee-line for the chilled offering.

Since the makeover, Rick has seen his overall sales increase by 20%, with sales in wines doubling.

He added: “I didn’t think the Blueprint would make such a difference. To know that there are people and services out there looking out for independent retailers is very reassuring. It is also great to know that the Blueprint team is only a phone call away for invaluable advice.”

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