Blakemore review results in savings

AF Blakemore Son says it has seen an improvement in company fuel efficiency as a result of its focus on corporate responsibility.

The improvements came after Blakemore’s Corporate Responsibility Policy led it to look at the environmental impact of its fleet. It has updated its fleet and invested in a number of more energy efficient vehicles along with analysing routes and re-scheduling them. This has allowed Blakemore Fresh Foods division to take one of its vehicles off the road.

Blakemore has seen several other successes including: growth of an independent retail club, the launch of a Support Your School programme and a supplier partnership scheme. The partnership with Coors, Coca-Cola, Gallahers, KP and Mars Masterfoods allows for a mutually beneficial relationship. When a representative visits a depot they can list any key lines not on sale. An investigation is then launched into why the product is not on sale and work is undertaken to make it available.

These initiatives were brought about due to the company’s Corporate Responsibility Review. The CR Review focuses on four key areas: the environment; the workplace; the marketplace; and the community. Objectives and specific targets are set beneath each heading and measured and discussed at meetings throughout the year.

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