ARTD Blueprint: second edition launched

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors has launched the second edition of the Blueprint for Alcoholic Ready to Drinks (ARTDs) containing updated guidance for independents retailers.

The planograms, offering guidance on product selection and how to display the category, emphasise the importance of chiller display – a proved basis for increased sales in independents.
The Blueprint offers guidance for a one metre chiller and, for smaller shops, a half-metre chiller which is the minimum space allocation recommended for the category in any store.
The Blueprint, one for England and Wales and one for Scotland, gives a guarantee of increased sales – the FWD scheme is unique and the only one in the market to guarantee increases in sales to independents who implement the guidance.

The scheme will compensate retailers who take its advice and fall to see increases – a guarantee which has never once been invoked by an independent retailer whose store has failed to see sales rise.

In keeping with the Blueprints for Ales, Lager and Cider, Wine, Spirits and Fortified Wines, the new edition is educational and based on consumer demand according to independent unbiased research. Alan Toft, Blueprint chairman, said: “This is utterly objective industry best advice on which independent retailers can rely as the best available for their store.

“Following a period of rapid growth, this category is now reaching a level of maturity, but it is still fast moving with new products and new ideas and is worth more than £30m a year.
“The new edition gives the retailer the correct basis for any future growth from new ideas and, importantly, allows very adequate space allocation in the planograms for retailers’ own choice and local favourites to complement the big brands.

“More than 68% of chilled products are consumed within three hours of purchase. It has been proved time and again that the chilled segment in this category is the one in which growth is dramatic and the local independent has the big advantage of convenience over the distant superstore,” said Toft.

The Federation is an enthusiastic supporter of the new focus on responsible retailing of alcohol and the new Blueprint for ARTDs leaflets bear the FWD message of support for the Proof of Age Scheme initiated by the Portman Group.

Specialist Blueprint advisers will be helping retailers to implement the new guidance when they make visits but retailers who have not yet asked for a call by an adviser can obtain a free merchandising kit by calling the Blueprint hotline on 0161 440 2770, fax 0161 440 2771, email
Visit the website:

‘We trust the Blueprint more than brand promo’
In the bad old days many big brands produced display advice and planograms targeted at independent grocers. They were the product of the company marketing department staffed by people who were tasked, naturally, to promote the brand.

And that is what these solus company plans achieved – but they did this at the expense of the retailers’ turnover. By promoting the company’s brands little thought was given to the consumers using the independent who preferred other brands and who went elsewhere to buy them – with catastrophic results for the local shop.

The Take Home Blueprint changed all that with its basis in integrity – informing the retailer objectively what consumers wanted according to market share.

Independent retailers appreciate the integrity which is the basis of the proved success of the Blueprints for shop owners who implement them.

Shahid Ali, Scottish Independent Retailer of the Year with a store in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, said: “Any big brand not recognising the true value of the Blueprints should come and visit me. The scheme has doubled my alcohol and total shop sales.”

Minaz Ladak, a retailer at Hipperholme, Halifax, told ProWholesaler: “Where are we to find such thorough and unbiased advice. Suppliers and wholesalers are invited to call on me anytime for proof of success.”

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