Always is helping girls to break down the barriers

Always, the femcare brand from P amp;G, has launched a new video as part of its global #LikeAGirl campaign, which encourages girls to be confident during puberty and beyond.

It follows the brand’s first #LikeAGirl video, which has been viewed almost 60 million times since it was launched one year ago.  The new video had its world premiere at a series of nine Always #LikeAGirl Confidence Summits held in different cities around the world within 24 hours, including London and New York.

In the clip, girls and women of varying ages and backgrounds are asked if they were ever told they should or shouldn’t do something because they’re a girl.

The content of the video is based on data from the most recent Always Confidence amp; Puberty Survey, showing that 66% of girls feel held back by society, which they believe dictates what they should and shouldn’t do. 

To create this new clip, Always partnered with award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield, director of the Always #LikeAGirl viral video that launched last summer. It highlights how society’s expectations have a profound impact on girls’ confidence, especially when they enter puberty.

P amp;G is investing heavily in the Always brands’ #LikeAGirl campaign to raise awareness about the drop in confidence that affects young girls at puberty.  With the new video just launched, P amp;G recommends that retailers stock up on Always products to meet an expected rise in demand. The study also found:

  • 84% of UK girls who felt society puts girls into boxes said it had a negative impact on their lives
  • Almost all girls (88 percent) feel there is pressure for girls to conform to the way a girl is supposed to feel and act
  • 59% of girls lose confidence at puberty. Many never fully recover
  • The vast majority of girls (69 percent) who believe society puts girls in boxes believe that if society stopped pressuring girls they would be more confident

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