ACNielsen’s wholesaler service

Graham Northfield, senior client manager of ACNielsen’s Out Of Home Team, spoke about its latest service, the Delivered Catering Wholesale Service.

“This service tracks the deliveries out of operators that deliver food, drink and non-food into catering outlets,” he explained.

Wholesalers who are part of the scheme can benchmark their performance against the rest of the market to identify opportunities to grow their business.

Northfield went on to say that there has been a slowing down of growth in the current year to date. “Over the past few months we have seen increased pressure on our disposable incomes from several different areas. According to a recent online survey by ACNielsen, cutting back on out of home entertainment is top of belt-tightening strategies worldwide.” He also pointed out that fewer school meals were being served and that deliveries made by catering wholesalers into education were falling in value annually, prior to the new guidelines introduced in September.

Northfield commented: “With the government trying to address the media outcry, and the reality that some 25% of children may be obese and a diabetes risk by 2020, is it unrealistic to foresee an age restriction being placed on these outlawed products?”

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