Utopia installs a fleet of Atlet lift trucks in Spalding

Utopia, a tropical fruit importer, has installed a fleet of Atlet lift trucks and is in the process of adding two more pedestrian pallet trucks to the fleet.

The processing and distribution centre in Spalding, Lincolnshire, has to move some 2,400 pallet-loads of incoming and outgoing goods each week, the Atlet pallet transporters and reach trucks have improved Utopia’s materials handling operation and sped up its delivery service. As Utopia receives products at a variety of different times the Atlet fleet has allowed them to work 24/7 to send out deliveries.

The Atlet pallet transporters are used for off-loading incoming containers (all goods arrive on pallets) and handling loads around the warehouse. The trucks are also used to assemble orders and load delivery vehicles.

Utopia has four Atlet Piccolo PLL pedestrian pallet transporters, compact trucks for working inside containers, and four Presto PLP ride-on-transporters, which are suited for longer travel distances around the warehouse. Two Atlet UNS Tergo reach trucks are used in areas of the warehouse that are equipped with three-level 9m racking with goods picked from the ground floor locations.

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