Sonitrol listens in for Thames C C

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (Stanley CSS) has announced that Thames Cash amp; Carry has taken a contract for its Sonitrol alarm monitoring.

Sonitrol provides the ability to verify an alarm event in real time by allowing operators to hear what is happening on a monitored site. When an alarm is triggered the system immediately alerts Stanley’s ProtectionNet Customers Service Centre and transmits the sounds of the break-in attempt and a code describing the location of the activated audio sensor.

Professional operators on duty around the clock listen silently to determine the nature of the noise and take appropriate action, such as calling the police or resetting the system. The system aims to increase apprehension rates as intruders are not alerted and police respond quickly to verified crime in progress. False alarms can be quickly identified.

Sucha Singh, owner of Thames Cash amp; Carry, said: “With the old system we had lots of false alarms which led to police support being withdrawn. With the Sonitrol system we’ve had no false alarms as all as our alarms are verified.”

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