Nestlé Rowntree puts its message across on screen

Plasma screens are being used in four Landmark Cash Carry depots in a pilot scheme to see whether they boost sales of Nestlé Rowntree products.

The screens run a loop of material, typically five or six 15-20 second commercials, highlighting promotions and new launches.

Graham Walker, Nestlé Rowntree sales communications manager, said they were investigating the new media because research by HIM had found only 30% of retailers noticed promotions while in depots. He said: “When retailers are in depots they tend to have their head down looking at their lists. They know where they are going and never actually browse.”

The devices have been installed at Parfetts’ depots at Stockport and Sheffield, and at Hyperama in Nottingham and East End Foods in Smethwick.

They comprise a 19 inch screen in the confectionery aisle and a larger 32 inch or 37 inch screen on a gondola end.
Walker said there was no sales data yet from the pilot, but anecdotal evidence from the depots was that it was being very successful with it catching the eye of retailers, and with groups of them stopping and chatting to each other around the screens.

Currently there is no sound, but Walker said they were now investigating adding it. “We are looking at audio. It might be music or it could be a voiceover.”

The material on the screens is currently updated at the depot, but Nestlé is also working with its partner on the project, IQ Group, to see whether updates could be carried out remotely.

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