Metro trials RFID system

Metro Group, parent company of Makro, has held trials of RFID technology from Checkpoint Systems.

Checkpoint Systems, a manufacturer and marketer of RF and RFID-based solutions for identification, tracking, security and merchandising applications, has announced its involvement in a series of UHF RFID (ultra high frequency, radio frequency identification) technology trials.

The trials are supervised by a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) group and were conducted at one of Metro Group’s distribution centres near Hamm, Germany.

Checkpoint served as a hardware integrator for the trials and helped with the design work for the hardware solution and procurement, configuration and installation of 36 RFID-enabled dock door portals which were used to validate successful simultaneous operation of multiple dock doors using a four-channel synchronised approach.

Pallets containing 62 individually tagged cases largely containing RFID unfriendly material (such as cans, liquids and metal lined items) were simultaneously transported at warehouse speeds though 36 adjacent loading dock doors and were successfully read.

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