Beat thieves with better tech

Theft or administrative errors accounted for £8.20 of every £1000 made by wholesalers last year, according to Checkpoint Systems, retail security and loss prevention specialists.

Company vice president Neil Matthews said that while every wholesaler knew the value of open merchandising it was also an open invitation to shoplifters.

Now Checkpoint Systems has developed a range of products to help wholesalers reduce shrinkage on all types of merchandise, from power tools to nappies, which Matthews said acted as a deterrent to shoplifters, while also helping to enhance the shopping experience and increase sales.

Products include a range of antennas, which offer protection at the store exit, along with Alpha High Theft Solutions division provides a variety of security devices that are proven to reduce theft of goods, such as televisions, computer consoles, perfumes and alcohol spirits.

“One example of the cutting-edge tagging solutions we offer is the 3-Alarm technology, which notifies staff when an item is being tampered with, sets off store alarms if a tagged item is stolen and sounds an alarm on the tag itself, preventing shoplifters from blending inconspicuously into a crowd while in possession of stolen goods,” said Matthews.

Checkpoint Systems also offers a “comprehensive source tagging solution” allowing brands to apply security tags and labels to products at the point of manufacture.


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