Manager in the picture

Job Title: general manager

Date you joined the company: October 2005

Previous employers: BHS; Fine Fare; WHSmith Do It All; Focus DIY

Responsible for: running of a large cash and carry with full and part time staff of 60. Controlling operating costs and maximising profitability through my team of dedicated buyers

How is your leisure time spent: touring with my caravan. Ballroom dancing

What is your greatest achievement in your current role: setting up a Spend amp; Save scheme on wines and spirits giving instant cash back, producing exceptional y-o-y growth, particularly in spirits, with increases of 33% in value and 37% in margin

Offer one piece of advice to help suppliers succeed with you: build relationships with depot contacts and listen to our needs. Listen to our customers. Work with us to develop brands/products

The best promotion currently running with our customers is: our LifeStyle Value range.

My vote for the best current TV advertising is: WKD.

The best new recent product launch is: Rockstar Xdurance energy drink 500ml PM99p.

Gripe of the month: suppliers who change delivery schedules without communication or consultation. It may be a cost saving exercise but making changes without consulting customers is bad for business and relationships between us.

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