Blueprint team look to step up activity with wholesalers

The Take Home Blueprint activity was launched by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors in 1994 as an educational process for independent retailers.

Retailers were shown to be stocking the wrong brands – and displaying them in-store in what was described at the time as a “jumble sale”.

The objective of the Blueprint was to mount an educational campaign that was objective and not driven by one sole brand marketing department (with all the weaknesses inherent in the latter).

Today the Blueprints for all sub-categories in the off licence market have become accepted as the industry benchmark. Unlike sole brand activity, they guarantee sales increases for the retailers implementing them.

It’s a copper-bottomed guarantee that thousands of independents using the Blueprints have never had to invoke.

Recent activity has centred on the wholesale industry. Wholesalers now nominate their retailers for free Blueprint makeovers and this new strategy has made big strides. Blueprint planners are now drawing up ideas for 2006-07 based on more co-ordination between wholesalers and their retailers.

Blueprint chairman Alan Toft said: “The Blueprints are not prescriptive. They reflect contemporary marketing principles, which increase sales and are proved as such. We expect to see more wholesalers recognising this opportunity to increase their sales in 2006-07.”

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