JJ Foodservice improves fish offer

Wholesaler JJ Food Service today announced that it has doubled its frozen fish range following a “successful response” to its first-ever fish and chip promotional brochure.

Chief product officer at JJ Food Service, Ali Guvemli, said: “We distributed the brochure in March and in just two months, frozen fish sales have risen significantly.”

Guvemli said demand was coming from a variety of different sectors, from traditional fish and chip shops to restaurants and hotels. “It’s clear that a greater diversity of caterers are starting to trust frozen fish. We have responded by improving choice while maintaining competitive prices”, he added. 

JJ now offers everything from frozen cod, plaice and haddock fillets for fish and chip shops – the majority of which are sourced from the clear waters of the North Atlantic – to Mediterranean gilled and gutted sea bass, sea bream, anchovies and rainbow trout, targeted at restaurants and hotels.

Costing up to 25% less than fresh varieties, frozen fish offers generous margins for caterers and can be quicker and easier to prepare. “Our fish is filleted and frozen at sea within four hours of being caught helping to retain freshness and flavour as well as nutrients”, said Guvemli.

Frozen fish options also help to destroy harmful pathogens, reduce food waste and promote portion control, while offering caterers availability to seasonal varieties all year round.

To support the new lines, JJ has also increased its range of branded condiments, including Heinz SqueezeMe sauce sachets, back-of-house tubs and front-of-house Heinz Squeezy table sauces.

The business will continue to add more frozen fish lines over the coming months.

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